Iconic Modern Home is a results driven, trustworthy design firm, and we are proud to call them page sponsors. Iconic offers property staging, turn-key rentals, custom interior design and renovations.

Iconic Modern Home is more than just a staging company. Geoffrey Walsky and Teresa Kratzman are trusted advisors and friends of the SoldHamptons community. When working with the team, I’ve found Teresa to be energetic, positive and motivated, while Geoffrey is focused, honest and a great listener.

Teresa is the face of Iconic Modern Home, forging the business development initiative of the firm throughout the Hamptons and beyond. Teresa shares Geoffrey’s innate design sensibility and unique creative approach, which they bring to every project. This team has successfully staged over 30,000 sqft of residences during the last 6 weeks, with all properties under contract, rented or sold.

Stay tuned for my upcoming interview with Teresa and Geoffrey!

Contact the Iconic Modern Home Team

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