Welcome to soldhamptons

Agents, Friends, Clients, I am proud to say SoldHamptons has taken the next step towards achieving our goal.

Raymond Cassidy, SoldHamptons Founder

Hi I’m Ray, the founder of SoldHamptons. With this post I am going to give you background on how this site came to be. SoldHamptons started off like many of my other “brilliant” ideas – a sudden realization that I was on to something. But, this idea was not like the others. This time, I was compelled to devote my time and resources into making my vision become reality.

I’m passionate about real estate, and talking about it gets me excited. Why do I find real estate so exciting? First of all, it’s big. $2.7 Trillion worth of US GDP big. Second, it’s complex; you must understand sales, law, finance, politics, marketing and several other concepts to have a good understanding of the business. Lastly, it’s a people-focused business in every sense. Even with the advent of new technologies aimed at “disrupting” the industry, the connection made between buyers, sellers and their agent remains to be at the core of this essential industry.

I will continue highlighting real estate agents and other professionals. Why? Realtors, agents, brokers and salespeople are the ones who make things happen day after day. My vision for SoldHamptons is to become the leading multi-media platform dedicated to those who are active in the market and representing their clients with a high degree of service. I hope that real estate professionals and other trusted advisors will find SoldHamptons as a useful place to share and gain insights, build relationships, highlight their success and meet new clients. Your continued support of the platforms and content I create has been tremendous. I look forward to sharing more stories, and highlighting more great people and deals.

Thank you for reading! If you would like to know more about SoldHamptons fill out the form below.

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