Marketing Trends

This article highlights the changes occurring in real estate marketing, the rise of social media marketing and the power of the smartphone. I’m working with a company called Replay Listings, and they are at the center of this story.

It feels natural to begin this discussion with the platform that SoldHamptons began on. Instagram has become a widely accepted platform for brokerages and agents to build their brands and feature listings. In the Hamptons there is a growing community of brokers and agents using social media, primarily Instagram, to share information and connect with each other. COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of agents who use their smartphone daily to market listings on social media.

As someone with a passion for entrepreneurship and experience working with startups, I began looking for opportunities directly related to real estate marketing on mobile. By chance I was introduced to Rodolfo Delgado, the Co-Founder of Replay Listings. Replay Listings is a website and App based platform that allows real estate agents to easily take a listing video on their phone and upload it to a data base with all the relevant information one would need when searching for properties similarly to other main stream aggregate listing sites. The company is based in NYC and features rental properties submitted by the approximately 1000 agent users.

(Disclaimer) Replay Listings is not a perfect company, there are several weaknesses with their current offerings. Second early stage companies fail way more then they succeed, the variables for success include management’s ability to make the right decisions and execute. With that in mind I am optimistic that they have a chance of finding success in new markets such as The Hamptons. At their core they are trying to give agents who are already using their smartphones a new productive tool to help them market and close listings. I see them as a potential buffer to the Zillows of the world.

I believe Replay Listings or a company with a similar concept could act as a pre-listing data base. What do I mean by that? Imagine meeting with a homeowner in person or virtually and having that listing up the same day. I believe agents lose valuable time waiting for professional photography and copy. If agents were able to market new listings as soon in a professional way the entire community would benefit.

Raymond and Rodolfo of SoldHamptons and Replay Listings

In a time where change is nether good nor bad but inevitable we should ask ourselves how can we contribute to change. If you are interested in learning more about Replay Listings, contact me at

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